Winner SASANE Sisterhood

The non-governmental organisation SASANE Sisterhood l brings a unique approach to ecotourism and sustainable travel through the tour guide training of local women. They’re trained to lead tours through the rural mountain villages of Nepal. These women rise up from underprivileged community groups and are survivors of domestic violence, child marriage, and human trafficking.

SASANE´s mission breaks the chain of gender violence and human trafficking. They provide a dignified and viable source of income to the impoverished and targeted women in their communities. During planning the tour and trekking packages and its destinations, SASANE systematically conducts interviews and surveys with local representatives in rural communities to understand their needs and preferences. 

The survivors working with SASANE are native to Nepal and its rural communities and belong to the marginalized population with severe economic and social restrictions. This puts them in a unique position to understand the needs of the communities who are more vulnerable compared to others. All the valuable insights gathered during project planning are used to carefully design and implement the project.


Ms. Jeny Pokharel
SASANE Sisterhood 
Kalikasthan, Dillibazar, 44600 Nepal 
Phone: +977 01 4436047,