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Questions regarding the contest criteria

All the documents submitted with be screened carefully by the contest organiser and presented to a jury for assessment.
The answers to questions 1 to 8 (the contest criteria) constitute the most important part of your application.
Links to online content do not replace answers to the questions.
Please answer the questions in a separate document of not more than five pages, explaining to what extent your project/measure/product (in the following text only the term project will be used) meets these criteria.
Please feel free to complement your answers with suitable materials in separate documents (e.g. project documents, press reports, evaluations, photos).

1. Participation

In which way have the needs and interests of local people been taken into account in the planning phase and during implementation of the project? Please also explain in a transparent manner how participation (including participation of minorities) works in key decision-making!
As the active participation of local people is the key criterion for a TO DO Award, this question 1 should be answered in a differentiated manner.

2. Economic benefit

How does your project ensure that a broad part of the local population benefits from tourism in economic terms?

3. Awareness raising

How does your project raise awareness of the risks and opportunities associated with tourism development and its impacts on economic, social, and cultural aspects of local people's daily lives?

4. Cultural identity

How does your project strengthen local culture and the cultural identity of local people? How does it minimise or avoid tourism-related social and cultural damage? How does it promote intercultural encounters and exchange between hosts and guests?

5. Decent work

In which way does your project include the creation of qualified jobs and/or the improvement of working conditions in tourism with regard to social security, working hours, training, and remuneration?

6. Gender equity and child protection

To what extent are women and men equitably involved in the planning and implementation of your project, in terms of numbers of people, content, and responsibility? Have there been any changes in this regard since your project was launched? How does the project stand for child protection?

7. Environmental sustainability

Please explain if and how criteria of environmental and climate-related sustainability and the sustainable use of natural resources are taken into account.

8. Sustaining the project

How do you sustain your project in economic and institutional terms? What are the problems or risks you see with regard to sustaining your project on the long run?

General information about the project/measure/product

Please answer the following questions 1 to 8 (using key words) in a separate document (max. 5 pages). 

9. Please describe your project briefly  (how many people are involved in the project, when was it founded, who is the person responsible for the project). Please draw an organigram of your project. Please also add a map showing the exact location of your project

10. Please illustrate in brief the history and development of your project. Please also describe the general social setting of your project.

11. How has the annual number of guests developed since the project was initiated?
What are your targets with regard to the number of guests and guest-nights?

12. Please describe your tourism programmes. What are the tour prizes?

13. Which marketing channels do you use? (E.g. Social media, tour operators, agencies; web portals; incl.  web links)

14. Is the project supported or accompanied by institutions/cooperation partners from outside? If so, since when and by whom? When will this support or consultancy end?

15. Do you network with similar projects in your country or internationally? If so, with whom?

16. How did you learn about the TO DO Award and have you applied before? If yes, when?