Peter-Mario Kubsch

Peter-Mario Kubsch obtained his Master’s Degree in business administration in Munich and at Stanford University in California. He joined his father’s company 1983. Werner Kubsch was the founder of Studiosus. Since 1987, Peter-Mario Kubsch has been the managing partner. He is a founding member of the Institute for Tourism and Development, award winner of the Association of German Travel Journalists (VDRJ), and co-initiator of the Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism. He has also been engaged in the legal committee of the German Travel Association (DRV) since 1992. He is committed to all aspects of the interplay of tourism, environment, and social responsibility. Peter-Mario Kubsch has been TO DO Award jury member from the very beginning.
His hobbies are his family and the company Studiosus, and of course travelling the world. His favourite place? ”Right where I happen to be!”