Klaus Betz

Klaus Betz has been working as a free lance journalist for more than 35 years. His work is focused on social and environmental issues, tourism and development and takes him to many parts of the world. He has been supporting the work of the Institute for Tourism and Development for many years, coordinating our public events and discussions, and organising our press trips. Klaus Betz has been a member of the TO DO jury since the very beginning and has over a period of more than 20 years visited and checked many projects on location. His research took him to Indonesia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Brazil, Ghana, Mozambique, and Iran. He is fascinated by the fact that all TO DO winners – no matter in which cultural, religious or political context they work – share a common objective: They are committed to social, cultural, and economic participation and to the right to independent development – in very different ways, using very different methods and creative solutions. In a nutshell: The TO DO winners show what people are able to do and to achieve.