TO DO Award 2023,Responsible Tourism – Nuratau Community Based Tourism, Uzbekistan

The Nuratau Community Based Tourism Project was launched in 2008 by local enthusiasts to provide additional subsistence income for the people living in the remote villages of the Nuratau Mountains in Uzbekistan. Today, the project consists of 14 picturesquely situated family guesthouses in 6 villages, and the number is growing. Approximately 200 guests can be accommodated here. The accommodation is built of natural stone, mud and wood, and has communal showers and toilets. Double rooms and shared rooms are available, many are lovingly decorated with local handicrafts. A tasty and healthy cuisine made from products of the immediate surroundings delights the guests.

During their stay, visitors to the project can immerse themselves in the everyday culture of the people, take part in cooking and handicraft workshops and concerts, go for walks along the mountain streams in the green valleys or combine a visit to several villages on a valley hopping tour on foot, horse or donkey. If desired, participation in social projects can be organised: Participation in the harvest, English courses for children and guides, renovation of community buildings such as schools and much more. In this way, the guests get a very sensitive insight into village life, cultural peculiarities and the social rules in the villages. So far, 26 of these social projects have been realised – a sample of intercultural competence.

Award Rationale


Sherzod Norbekov
Nuratau Community Based Tourism Project 
34, Amir Temur Str., 131200 Bog´don, Jizzax Region, Uzbekistan
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