Winner 2024 McBern Foundation

Michael Kajubi, founder of McBern Foundation, is dedicated to help marginalized groups, particularly LGBTQIA+ youths and the elderly. In 2013, Michael founded McBern Tours & Travel, a nature-focused tour operator in Uganda. His mission was to create employment and safe spaces for those often excluded due to their gender identity, sexual orientation, social status, or physical and cognitive impairments.

The McBern Foundation, which receives funding from his travel business, focuses on creating inclusive, non-discriminatory spaces and job opportunities. This initiative is crucial in Uganda, where strict laws severely discriminate against LGBTQIA+ individuals. By offering education, healthcare services, and capacity building, the foundation empowers marginalized members to lead self-determined lives and secure their livelihoods.

Michael Kajubi's work is particularly significant given Uganda's harsh Anti-Homosexuality Act of 2023, which includes severe penalties for LGBTQIA+ persons. His foundation's efforts provide vital support and advocacy for those facing systemic deprivation in Ugandan society.



Mr. Michael Kajubi
McBern Foundation, Uganda