Winner 2021 Equality in Tourism International

Because Gender Matters

The TO DO Award Human Rights in Tourism 2021 goes to “Equality in Tourism international“; the London-based organisation is committed to full gender equality for women in all areas of tourism; ”Without the economic contribution of women, the tourism and hospitality sector would collapse“

This year, the international organisation »Equality in Tourism« will be honoured with the “TO DO Award Human Rights in Tourism. The organisation was founded in 2018 with the objective of a consistent transformation of gender relations to create new, just, and sustainable forms of tourism and structures that maintain it. In its practical work the organisation initiates projects and measures to promote gender equality, better access of women to areas of work in tourism, equal participation in decision-making processes within the entire tourism sector. In particular, »Equality in Tourism« gathers data on the gender situation in the tourism sector, as a basis for the development of strategies for change.
Women represent more than half of the formal sector and the majority of the informal sector in global tourism. There is evidence that they are still paid less and treated worse than men, simply because they are women. »Equality in Tourism« works to abolish these inacceptable grievances in practice and is committed to dissolving stereotypes and patriarchal expectations concerning the role of women. Only very few women hold managerial positions and part of the work done by women in tourism remains unpaid. These examples testify to the need for the work »Equality in Tourism« is doing.
The lack of equal opportunities for women, especially in decision-making, does not only negatively affect their own lives, both at home and in their jobs, but also their families and entire communities. The absence of women at the centre of decision-making in tourism continues to be an obstacle to the advancement of women, men and their families, whether in rural Africa or in urban Europe.
»Equality in Tourism« is an outstanding example of how a small initiative can grow into a movement spanning the globe.



TO DO Award Ceremony at ITB Berlin 2021