Prof. Dr. Ludwig Ellenberg

Having studied in Göttingen and Zurich, Prof. Dr. Ludwig Ellenberg, became a geographer: Relief development in high mountains and coastal areas, development of peripheries, carrying capacity limits of human use, combination of nature conservation and tourism. He worked in more than 70 countries, mainly in the tropics. For many years, he was in charge of nature conservation projects in state development cooperation (GTZ/GIZ). Since 1980, he has been a professor of physical geography and landscape ecology. Having retired from Humboldt University Berlin in 2011, he continues to work as an expert (nature conservation, tourism, regional development) and visiting professor (sustainable land use, development of peripheral areas, tourism in nature conservation) – combined with enjoyable self-management of leisure time with family, friends, and on his own. He has been a member of the TO DO jury since 2012 and feels enriched by the selection of winners.