Winner 2022 AGUICAT

AGUICAT was founded in 2016 with the initial objectives of pooling the interests of li­censed tour guides in Catalonia and of maintaining the quality standards of their services on the long run. This happened against the backdrop of plans by the regional government of Catalonia at that time to enable easier access to this profession. Since then, AGUICAT (currently with about 400 members) has been fighting to improve the working conditions of tour guides. At the same time, the association has been pursuing the objective of offer­ing socially responsible, high-quality tourism.

This particularly includes preventing disturbances of the population as they may happen due to touristic travel. More decent working conditions for tour guides and a good co-existence with local people in the areas visited are demands to the government. At the same time, AGUICAT offers advice and support to local authorities on their way to a more sustainable management of tourism.

The association also focuses on high-quality, ethically responsible training of young tour guides. That’s how the members ensure an exchange of experiences, knowledge transfer, and a better understanding among themselves. Safe and attractive jobs as tour guides on the one hand and satisfied guests on the other hand are visible results of the various efforts by AGUICAT.

Video of the Award Ceremony

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