TO DO Award 2016 Pueblos Mancomunados, Mexico

Pueblos Mancomunados – in the state of Oaxaca – is an association of eight indigenous and self governed villages of Zapotecas to develop eco tourism in the Sierra Norte Mountains. Among the different programmes are guided hiking- and biking trips for just one day, but also for a several days lasting tour. In the focus as well is a coherent approach towards the indigenous culture of the Zapotecas, getting more knowledge of the high ranking biodiversity in the surrounding forests and the regional cuisine. The Pueblos Mancomunados manage their surrounding forests sustainably and have a special focus on the protection of the environment. The villages work with the cargo system, which means that each member of the community is in duty and responsible for the touristic development. They manage unpaid all sectors of the touristic infrastructure like hosting the guests and organising excursions. Nationwide, the Pueblos Mancomunados are considered as a model – both with regard to their eco-tourism programmes and with regard to their local self government.


Angelina Martínez Pérez
Expediciones Sierra Norte M. Bravo No. 210 Int. A Plaza San Cristobal
Col. Centro, Oaxaca