TO DO Award 2024 Fernweh Fair Travel, India

Fernweh Fair Travel – Uplifting Communities in Gopeshwar-Chamoli, Uttarakhand offers immersive comfort-luxury tours in the Himalayas, known for its rich flora and fauna, including wildlife protection areas. The region is increasingly popular for trekking, bird watching, and wellness activities.

The founder, originally from this area, focused on creating employment opportunities for women, especially widows and victims of domestic violence, in a region where poverty is widespread. Recognizing the region's tourism potential, she initiated the project, which aimed at involving local women, enhancing their independence and social recognition. The process involved convincing local politicians, villagers, and religious leaders, leading to a community-wide decision on tourism development.

Accommodation was developed, immersive experiences and traditional meals were introduced. Training was provided for guest handling, with skills passed within families and the community. A portion of profits supports environmental, educational, and community projects. Over 557 people, mostly women, now sustain their livelihoods through tourism-related income.