TO DO Award 2014 Mitan Responsible Tourism Project, Uzbekistan

In the remote Uzbek village of Mitan, the incoming tour operator SILK ROAD DESTINATIONS – C.A.T.I.A. has set up the community-based project »Mitan Responsible Tourism Project«. This project gives guests the opportunity to come in direct contact with local families and their Muslim culture and tradition. The objectives are to generate an additional income for the villagers and to contribute to cultural exchange and understanding between people of different social and religious backgrounds. The project does not affect the usual life of the villagers with its economically important processes, but gives them opportunities to enhance their own knowledge through intercultural exchange. In this context, special emphasis is placed in the involvement of young people. Mitan is a small village in the Uzbek steppe and cannot boast of tourist attractions. But it offers travellers the opportunity to get in touch with the local population. The warm hospitality of the villagers contributes to that, as well as their openness and readiness to allow strangers to authentically take part in their lifes for a short while. The guests get the opportunity to deal with the typical realities of the country. Silk Road Destinations and the people of Mitan managed to initiate a tourism project aimed at participation in which today many villagers have a part.


Ravshan Turakulov
Silk Road Destinations
C.A.T.I.A.-Central Asia Tours Incoming Agency
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