TO DO Award 2016 Kabani – The other Direction, India

»Kabani« is a non-governmental organization and social enterprise based in Kozhikode (Calicut). »Kabani« raises awareness of the negative impacts of tourism und promotes sustainable, participatory village development as an alternative model. In 2005, »Kabani« started their first tourism project with farmers in Wayanad and now work with communities in several parts of South India. The guests are put up in home-stays with local families and get insights into the lives of the villagers. The hosts earn an additional income by taking care of the guests on a rotational basis. This income may help them cope with losses in agriculture and support a shift to organic farming. Other parts of the tourism income are used for village development, training programmes, building and strengthening democratic structures of decision-making and monitoring, entrepreneurship development, advocacy and campaigns.


Sumesh Mangalasseri
Kabani – The Other Direction
27/508A, Belvedere
Kuthiravattom.P.O. Parayanchery
Kozhikode, Kerala

Facebook: Kabani Community Tourism & Services