TO DO Award 2014 Actuar - Asociacion Costarricense de Turismo Rural Comunitario, Costa Rica

ACTUAR, the Costa Rican Association of Rural Community-Based Tourism, was founded in 2001 as a non-profi t organisation upon the initiative of indigenous groups, peasants’ organisations and women’s organisations. Their objective has been to support local development efforts in rural areas by marketing and qualifying alternative tourism projects. In order to achieve this objective, a central head office was set up in San José which works at two levels. On the one hand, they promote rural development and strengthen cultural identity. This happens through consulting for the development and implementation of sustainable tourism projects and regular training programmes. On the other hand, the products and services are being marketed by a travel and incoming agency founded specifi cally for this purpose. The members of ACTUAR were supported by the United Nations Development Programme in building touristic infrastructure. Today, ACTUAR is a network of 34 communities in different parts of the country. Their tourism projects fi t well into everyday life in rural areas and are organised and implemented by the local population. Alternative sources of income and new perspectives are created for the villagers, land ownership is secured and natural resources are preserved and protected. When visiting the rural or indigenous communities, travellers get to know an authentic Costa Rica with its culture and traditions and come in direct contact with the local population.


Cinthya Quirós C.
Actuar – Asociación Costarricense
de Turismo Rural Comunitario
Del Parque de la Amistad 250 m al norte
Rohrmoser, Pavas
San José de Costa Rica
Costa Rica